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About Us

WikiMiles is a travel website dedicated to people who travel as an integral part of their life. It is for all travelers: leisure travelers, road warriors, digital nomads and for people who work in travel: travel advisors, travel managers, executive assistants. Travel Loyalty programs have become one of the most important ingredients to traveling well and within budget.

We have endeavored to create the first encyclopedic database of loyalty programs describing how they work, providing side-by-side comparison of the programs, and analyzing for best uses and strategies.  We are also working on creating an automated analysis tool.


Our analytical commentary is geared towards an audience who:

  • Travel quite a bit and spend a significant amount of money on credit cards
  • Focus on high value/high cost cards and other travel strategies
  • Primarily US based but travels extensively internationally
  • Focus on long term strategies, choosing not to focus on building miles through multiple credit card sign-up bonuses.

Our website contains weekly newsletters and digests, including content that covers topics about the best travel apps to use while traveling, curated information on accommodations, airline innovations, miles, points, benefits/amenities, frequent flyer programs, travel trends and news related to the travel industry. 

Providing valuable information and being seen as an objective and independent source are part of WikiMiles’ main goals―no advertisements and no bias on reviews based on affiliations. This is something that’s unique to us. We distinguish ourselves from sites that promote credit cards on their web content in exchange for sales. It is also our aim to create a sense of community in the online world and have guest contributors to the website..