Main WikiMiles News Another addition to your catalog of ultra low-cost airlines to experience the summer season of America!

Another addition to your catalog of ultra low-cost airlines to experience the summer season of America!

Fret not, residents of Canada, for you will now be able to book a flight from your home to Orlando, Phoenix, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas for as low as USD 109 and enjoy the summer destinations being offered in America.

Lynx Air, a Canada-based airline, has announced it will be opening routes to the United States—the first time for the ultra-low-cost carrier. As direct competitors to Flair and Swoop Airlines that offer identical price points, Lynx Air’s move to integrate a route to the U.S. will prove to be a big advantage.

This expansion, however, will not immediately take into effect. Lynx Air will prioritize Orlando flights by January 27, 2023, then followed by the opening of the Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas routes on February 7, 16, and 24, 2023, respectively. 

New Airlines are Taking Advantage of the Competition

Lynx Air is just one of the many new and relatively small airlines that share one objective: to grow dominance within a small competition. 

With the accompaniment of very low cost offerings, Lynx Air intends to take advantage of the unnoticed and underserved U.S. routes such as Calgary-Phoenix and Calgary-Orlando even if it is competing directly with Flair Airlines.

Despite the fact that Lynx Air is expected to have head-to-head competition with other airlines in each of its U.S. routes, it leans on one advantage and that is its extremely low-priced offerings.

Lynx Air Defines What It Means to be a Low-Cost Carrier

With regards to this, Canadians living in Toronto can now book as early as today for a flight to Orlando. Air fares will start for as low as USD 109. Those who booked before October 6, 2022 had the chance to use the code LYNXUSA for an additional discount. 

Since the routes to various American states are still new and on-going, Lynx Air is also giving customers the chance to win a free flight as part of their celebratory practices with regards to the newly-established U.S. routes. Seat sales are also being offered by the airline.

These perks emphasize on the affordability of Lynx Air’s offerings.

Six Airplanes to Cater to the Passengers

Lynx Air will be using 6 Boeing B737 MAX 8 airplanes to cater to people who are booking a flight to the U.S. routes mentioned above. Each plane contains 189 seats and is leased from both Aergo Capital and SMBC Aviation Capital, companies that lease and trade aircrafts to airlines.

With regards to the daily operations of the airline, routes from Toronto to Orlando and Cagary to Las Vegas are set to operate four times per week, while services from Calgary to Phoenix and Los Angeles are set to operate three times per week.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now and enjoy a catalog of cheap accommodation packages delivered straight to you by Lynx Air!


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