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Are You Looking for a New Credit Card? Here Are Some of the Best Sign-Up Offers You Can Avail Of!

15 Jan 2024

Are you looking for a new credit card you can use for your travels during the holiday season?

Then you’re in luck, because some credit cards are offering sign-up offers that you can take advantage of!

But first, what do you stand to gain when you avail of credit card sign-up offers?

Credit card providers offer customers perks like bonus rewards points, frequent flyer miles, and cash back, or waived annual fees for a year, to name a few.

Additionally, these sign-up offers usually come with conditions like minimum spend within a specified time period, so be sure to take note of those things before you sign up for a new credit card.


Now that you know how credit card sign-up offers typically work, here is a list of providers that offer useful perks for customers: 

  • American Express

Signing up for an American Express travel credit card gives you access to travel insurance, airline lounge passes, and points that NEVER expire.

As an added bonus, if you reach a certain spending mileage in the first 3 months, you can get up to 50,000 reward points depending on the type of credit card you applied for. 

  • Chase Bank

When you sign up for a Chase credit card, you can redeem collected points for cash back offers, statement credits, gift cards, and you can even use those points to book flights through airlines partnered with Chase. Other than airlines, those points can also be redeemed for hotel reservations. 

  • United 

If you avail one of United’s credit cards, you can earn MileagePlus points every time you make a purchase

Aside from earning points with every purchase, United cardholders can avail of free baggage check-ins, double miles points on food establishments and hotels, priority boarding, 25% cashback on United inflight and club premium drink purchases. 


Before you sign up for a new credit card, always keep your priorities and goals in mind so you can find a sign-up offer that works for you.

We hope everything we discussed in this article helps you out in picking a credit card that you can use for your travels!

Keep safe, fellow travelers!


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