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For Flyers: What You Need to Know About Airline Loyalty Programs, Plus Tips to Enhance Related Services!

22 Jan 2024

Loyalty programs have been proven to drive more revenue, as perks encourage customers to spend more and travel more frequently. Travel incentives drive customer loyalty—a valuable aspect to consider to succeed in the travel industry.

For travelers, whether you are new to traveling or already a frequent flyer, it is important to equip yourself with essential information about airline loyalty programs to enhance your travel experience.

Meanwhile, for airline companies, being knowledgeable about technologies that improve customer service related to airline loyalty programs is crucial for fostering customer loyalty.

For Customers/Travelers/Frequent Flyers:

What are frequent flyer programs?

Frequent flyer programs, sometimes called airline loyalty programs, are reward systems that airlines and partner companies offer to travelers to encourage customer support, generate revenue, and enhance customer retention.

These programs allow customers to earn points or miles depending on their spending and these miles can be used to enjoy various perks. 

How to earn points through airline loyalty programs?

To earn points through airline loyalty programs, you must sign up for these programs and earn points by spending on flights and availing services from partners such as hotels, car rentals, and shopping.

Another way to gain miles points is through spending using co-branded and accredited credit cards. Some examples of co-branded cards include: American Airlines’ AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard, Delta Airlines’ SkyMiles Blue Amex card, and United Airlines’ United Explorer card.

How to redeem loyalty points?

To enjoy your points, you can redeem them in exchange for other services. Afterwards, you can use them as currency for other flights and non-flight purchases through airlines’ websites and third-party sites, or with the help of call centers. 

Your earned miles can be used for great perks such as free tickets, cabin class upgrades, access to promos, and other discounts.

Additionally, here are other airline loyalty program-related information you should take into consideration:

  • Membership fee - Typically, membership registration for loyalty programs is FREE, and signing up can be done through airlines’ websites.
  • Points expiration - It is important to note that loyalty points expire if you exceed allowed inactivity periods. Additionally, policies regarding the expiration of memberships vary among airlines.
  • Airline alliance - Airlines have joint alliances with other airlines, making it easier for flyers to earn points with many options and chances. Take note of airlines under the same alliances to help you earn perks.
  • Elite status - Airlines offer travelers chances to reach elite status, unlocking amazing perks and more benefits. However, while many travelers pursue elite status for its advantages, it is crucial to first assess whether aiming for elite status aligns with your preferred traveling style.

For Airlines:

To achieve maximum loyalty programs experience, here are some tips to improve customer service:

  • Establish good communication lines for customers. Airline companies can integrate communication systems for customers to notify each other about current promos, earned points, or assist one another in redeeming miles.
  • Maintain a well-organized customer database to analyze customer information and preferences. This will enable the design of tailored strategies, offering better services that cater to travelers' needs.
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance customer understanding of airline loyalty programs. Airline companies can utilize AI-driven recommendations and carefully collect customer data to continually improve future travel and loyalty programs-related services. 

There you have it—some basic knowledge on airline loyalty programs and tips on how to streamline loyalty program-related services for both airlines and travelers.

If you’re a traveler, use the insights from this article to supercharge your decisions regarding airline loyalty programs and choose the best options for your needs and preferences.

If you’re a part of the airline industry, apply the knowledge from this feature and leverage technology. Doing so is vital as it will make life easier for everyone when used appropriately.

We hope this feature provides the necessary information you need to enhance your experiences and services!

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