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Getting Two for the Price of One: Learn How You can Use your Miles to Enjoy Multiple Destinations!

19 Jan 2024

Travelers aim to reach their respective destinations quickly. After all, who wants to spend long hours due to stopovers?

These days, however, stopovers need not be long waits with the right frequent flyer program. Since being in the right rewards program will enable you to turn long waiting times into opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

In this article, we will take a look at how you can visit multiple destinations for the price of one!

Two For the Price of One

On international itineraries, stopovers typically last for more than 24 hours. Shorter connections that don’t last for 24 hours are usually classified as layovers.

A stopover enables you to fly into a city, stay for a few days, and then continue your trip to your actual destination.

When done right, you can actually use stopovers to visit another city for the price of one!

All you need to do is to find an airline with a rewards program that will enable you to book a stopover on your award flights for no additional miles.

For example, Alaska Airlines has one of the most generous frequent flyer programs when it comes to stopovers as members of the program can book one stopover on each international one-way award for no additional miles.

These stopovers can be as long as the passenger wants as long as award travel is available on the date that was requested.

Unfortunately, Alaska Airline’s Mileage Plan prohibits a passenger from combining airline partners. Additionally, all stops have to be in natural connecting points, meaning these airports should be the ones a traveler has to transit through whether or not he or she leaves the airport.

Due to this, a passenger’s options for stopover cities will be located at airline hubs.

On the other hand, Air Canada’s Aeroplan offers stopovers, but at the flat-rate cost of 5,000 miles per stopover.

This can be considered as a low price since it enables passengers to enjoy another city before they arrive at their actual destination. Stops can also last for a maximum of 45 days, which is plenty enough for avid travelers.

Furthermore, passengers are allowed up to one stopover per one-way award, although flights within North America are excluded. 

Unfortunately, the biggest downside to Aeroplan is that fuel surcharges from some of its airline partners are passed on passengers. 

Other airlines such as All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and United Airlines have loyalty programs that allow stopovers. However, it should be noted that these companies have differing guidelines on how to request stops.

Despite the differences in how stopovers are booked, you’ll be able to visit multiple cities for the price of one.

All you need to do is to pick an airline rewards program that fits your preferences! 


As discussed in this article, stopovers need not be associated with long waits. 

By carefully studying your airline’s rewards program and finding out if you can book stopovers, you’ll be able to visit multiple destinations for the price of one at minimal cost. 

Taking this extra step will enable you to turn a mundane stopover into a memorable experience.

So, keep all of the information we shared with you in mind the next time you plan your vacation!

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