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Navigate travel unfamiliarities with the endless possibilities offered by Augmented Reality!

29 Jan 2024

Assuming you have completed all the initial steps for your travel plans including booking flights, selecting destinations, and securing accommodations, there are still many travel essentials you need to consider. Beyond the planning stage, you have to figure out and learn about your journey.

Since traveling to different places involves navigating unfamiliar environments, access to various information is essential for a streamlined and enjoyable overall experience.

Thankfully, with the existence of augmented reality (AR), making your travel experience easy and worry-free is now more achievable than ever!

AR provides an advanced and creative way to interact with the information you need when you travel. The blend of reality and imagination facilitated by AR makes accessing information on travel locations, tour guides, updates, language, and other exciting activities fun and easy.

Here are some benefits of AR in the travel and tourism industry:

  • AR provides you easy access to travel information.

When you travel, you'll need to search for various pieces of information about the places you visit, available food, and other essential tour details. Additionally, language barriers could also be a concern.

With AR, you can find the best places to visit and gain knowledge about the places and cultures you encounter. If you travel to a country with a completely different language, AR can help with instant translations.

Another advantage of AR is it is widely available at any time. Therefore, you have free access to information whenever you need it.

  • AR enables you to easily navigate different places.

The primary purpose of traveling is to visit new places and experience new things. However, it can be inconvenient if you don’t have a guide to help you achieve these travel goals.

With AR, you can effortlessly search for locations and obtain information about places you wish to visit without getting lost. Finding all the information you need has become an easy and hassle-free experience.

  • AR allows you to learn exciting facts and information.

If you travel to explore famous landmarks and museums, AR can help you easily learn facts about these places, uncover their history, and delve into the local culture.

AR also offers creative and engaging ways to provide information on specific landmarks and artworks. With the existence of AR, learning while traveling has become easier and more exciting.

Here are some AR applications you can try when you travel: 

1. Google Lens

Google Lens is a functional AR application that provides basic travel information needed when traveling. This app allows you to navigate your environment and the places you want to visit.

Google Lens works through a smartphone's camera. Its features enable you to understand the world around you by providing information like language translation.

2. World Around Me (WAM)

World Around Me (WAM) is an AR application available for both IOS and Android devices. WAM is an essential app if you travel worldwide, helping you find necessary services such as food places, shops, banks, and accommodations.

The app simply requires access to your camera, and you're all set to explore different places with ease.

3. Augmented Reality City (AR City)

Augmented Reality City (AR City) is an AR app designed to facilitate seamless navigation around the world by offering crucial information about landmarks and desired destinations.

AR City serves as an excellent travel companion, functioning as a comprehensive map that equips you with essential knowledge about the environment you're exploring. Its augmented map includes street names, structure names, and more, ensuring you have the information you need for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

4. Smartify 

Smartify is specifically tailored for museum visits. The app is designed to provide significant information about artworks in a more creative and engaging way. 

With Smartify, you can listen to recorded narratives from various artists, scan artworks, and discover amazing art stories.

These are just some of the AR apps you can explore. There are still a lot out there; you just have to identify what works for you and your needs.


Clearly, AR has revolutionized businesses in various fields. One of the industries that leverages it the most is the travel and tourism sector. As AR paves the way for creativity and endless possibilities, it is only fitting that travel agencies embrace such innovation to enhance travelers' experiences.

We hope this feature has ignited excitement in you, enhancing your travel experience through the innovative possibilities offered by AR!

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