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Soar above the clouds with these next-level air travel innovations!

26 Jan 2024

Say “goodbye” to boring, slow flights, and “hello” to high-tech flying! 

Various airlines have made recent technological upgrades for passengers’ convenience, such as AI integration and newer in-flight sleeping accommodations. With these innovations, more flights and boarding experiences are becoming more comfortable and hassle-free. 

Curious about these upgrades? 

Take a look at some of the most innovative airlines now flying high with cutting-edge technology and features:

  1. Finnair

Photo from Finnair

Using centralized data infrastructure and operational data analysis, Finnair predicts flight delays by assessing various elements such as weather conditions and runway availability. Because of this, the airline can take proactive measures—like preemptive passenger rebooking—to address potential disruptions in connecting flights. 

This centralized data and digital-driven approach also enabled Finnair to improve its marketing strategies and increase bookings by 31%.

2. Emirates

Photo from International Airport Review

Aside from having self check-in kiosks and bag drops, Emirates’ new biometric technology allows for a frictionless and more pleasant boarding experience. The airline has deployed over 30 biometric cameras across various points at Dubai International Airport (DXB), including check-in counters, entrances to First and Business Class lounges, and specific boarding gates. 

Over 58,000 passengers have embraced the biometric verification option for quick access to the Emirates Lounge, while more than 380,000 customers have smoothly boarded their flights using the biometric gates.

3. Air Baltic

Photo from X

Anticipating the rise of cryptocurrency payments in the travel industry, Air Baltic has become the first airline to accept payments through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance USD, and others. 

Benefits of using cryptocurrencies for travel include the removal of bank fees associated with using foreign currencies and the degree of anonymity afforded to the customer. Thus, with cryptocurrencies, Air Baltic passengers can quickly and safely spend for travel. 

4. Air New Zealand

Photo from Future Travel Experience

Air New Zealand is the first airline to implement economy in-flight sleeping pods. With this option, economy passengers can lie flat and rest during a long flight, attaining a degree of comfort not just reserved for business class passengers.  

What’s more?

Aside from upgraded long-haul cabins, Air New Zealand developed the Airband, a wearable wristband for unaccompanied child travelers that gives guardians greater visibility of their young one's journey. 

5. Qatar Airways

Photo from Web in Travel

Qatar Airways has ventured into the metaverse with QVerse, a fresh virtual reality (VR) experience accessible via the airline's website. Guests can navigate the Premium check-in zone at Hamad International Airport and explore the cabin interior of Qatar Airways' aircraft using their personal devices. 

Additionally, the airline pioneered the MetaHuman cabin crew, providing an immersive digital interaction for customers.

6. American Airlines

Photo from Fast Company

Leveraging AI technology, American Airlines has revolutionized its gate assignment procedure, which includes assigning flights to gates and accounting for the day’s cancellations. What used to be a time-consuming four-hour task managed by a late-night team is now accomplished in a mere 2.5 minutes!

This efficient upgrade frees up team members' time while enhancing the airline’s customer experience.

With enhanced operations aided by data analytics and AI, higher-quality flight cabins, and more convenient boarding and payment options, these airlines are great options to take flight in for your next travel! As constant advancements and breakthroughs in technology take place, you can expect smoother, high-tech journeys this 2024 and beyond. 

After all, in achieving a more convenient and comfortable flight, the sky’s the limit to these innovators.

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