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Travel light and easy! Check out these top 10 gadgets for your best travel this 2023!

24 Mar 2023

Travel gadgets can either be a blessing or a curse. In worst case scenarios, travel gadgets, especially electronics, can be total duds, ruin your peaceful travel routine, and become nothing more than added weight in your luggage. However, when your travel gadgets operate well, they can be life-saving devices that make your trip much more pleasurable. 

The best travel gadgets should highlight a problem in your travel routine and address the issue. They should provide high functionality, comfort, or both, while also being considerate of space. If your travel gadgets do not have these qualities, then they're not worth bringing along.

At present, many companies are coming up with new gadgets to improve customers’ travel experiences, but the only way to know which ones actually work is by examining them in person or researching them. 

So, to help you assess which travel gadgets you should have, we listed down some items that could help improve your travel experience. Check them out below! 

  • The inCharge 6-in-1 Portable Keychain Charger Cable 

Chargers can take up tons of space in your luggage especially if you’re bringing more than one electronic device with you. But that doesn’t have to be the case all the time! 

The inCharge is the size of a small keychain and has six different charging input and output combinations to provide power not just to your phone but also to your headphones, e-reader, smartwatch, and more. The charger has these ports: an input USB-C, an output USB-C, a USB-A, and an output lightning plus micro USB.

You can buy this for USD 20 at Amazon and USD 28 at Macy’s. 

  • The Anker Portable Charger, 313 Power Bank 

It’s no secret that portable chargers are a must for every traveler. Luckily, the 313 Power Bank from Anker has over 50,000 five-star Amazon reviews and comes with a USB input, a micro USB input, and a USB-C input. It's also worth mentioning the power bank comes with its own micro USB charger for powering up. 

Another great thing about it? The power bank only costs USD 22 at Amazon and USD 44 at Walmart! 

  • The Twelve South AirFly Pro 

The AirFly lets your AirPods or headphones be used to watch movies on your plane's in-flight entertainment center. What’s great about this device is that its pro version allows up to two people to connect to the same in-flight screen and watch at the same time. 

No more having to use the corded headphones! 

The AirFly is available for USD 55 at Amazon and USD 59 at Walmart. 

  • The WACACO Minipresso NS 

Can’t last a day without your daily dose of coffee? No problem! 

This Minipresso is hailed by fans as one of the easiest ways to make espresso while traveling. You can pack it with your preferred beans and coffee grinder or pack it with pre-ground coffee. Once you pack the coffee and pour hot water into it, all you have to do is flip the device over and press on the pump to pour out your coffee. 

If you’re using the Minipresso on a plane, leave it to the flight attendants to handle hot water to avoid causing trouble.

You can buy the Minipresso for USD 55 at Amazon and USD 95 at Walmart. 

  • The Perilogics Universal in Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount 

Looking for a better phone holder for eye-level viewing? Look no more because this mount will do the trick! 

Its universal design makes it easy to clip in all types of smartphones for a multi-angle adjustment. Simply place it on the plane seat in front of you for viewing or onto a nearby table for a quick Zoom call before your flight takes off.

The device is available for USD 13 at Amazon and Walmart. 

  • The ESR HaloLock Magsafe Compatible Charger 

Another game-changing charger for frequent travelers! 

If you plan on snoozing on your flight but would want to get some power for your electronic device, simply attach your phone to this HaloLock Magsafe charger and leave it on the tray table for a steady trickle. The charger also has a built-in kickstand, so if you feel like watching something, you have the option to prop your phone up. 

You can buy this for USD 25 at Amazon. 

  • The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) 

These latest AirPods from Apple not only serve as your music go-to and phone call companion, but its upgraded noise cancellation also makes it an effective pair of sleep earbuds! 

This gadget is available for USD 235 at Amazon, USD 240 at B&H Photo, and USD 249 at 

  • The GoPro HERO10 Black Accessory Bundle 

Don’t pass out on documenting your amazing adventures with this ultimate bundle! 

With this, you get the Hero10, a mini-extension pole with a grip, a magnetic swivel clip, a camera case, and two rechargeable batteries. You’ll no longer have to worry about running out of battery during your documentation! 

You can avail this bundle for USD 396 at Amazon, USD 400 at Walmart, and USD 350 at B&H Photo. 

  • The Peak Design Packing Cube (Set of 3) 

These packing cubes are durable, lightweight, and packable into themselves when not in use. What’s more? They're excellent for carrying chargers and other small gadgets (including some of the very gadgets on this list)! 

Additionally, the cubes come in different sizes for optimized configuration inside your luggage or backpack. So, say goodbye to opening your luggage to a very cluttered mess! 

These packing cubes are available for USD 95 at Huckberry. 

  • The Whoop Whoop Band 4.0 

This band serves as an everyday health tracker, including days when you’re traveling via plane (yes, it works just as well even when you’re up in the air). Some features that stand out are the band’s sleep tracking reporting and heart rate monitor—two metrics that you can view to combat how well you're getting along on your journey. 

This is especially helpful for those who battle flight anxiety! 

You can buy this gadget at for USD 30. 

A quality travel gadget can cost you around USD 20 to USD 200—depending on where you’re buying and what kind of gadget you’re buying, your purchase can be more expensive. To determine what's worth buying, imagine multiple scenarios you could see yourself doing using the product. 

Afterward, think about how you would configure packing it with the items you usually pack whenever you travel. As what we said earlier, if your prospective travel gadget helps solve some sort of inefficiency, can promise comfort and/or functionality, and save space, then you probably should give it a try.

Besides, testing travel gadgets before buying them is easy. You'll find out quickly if they’re a good fit for you or not. Assuming you bought the product, used it, and found it enjoyable during your trip, then that means you have a winner. However, if you bought a travel gadget because you thought it was great then eventually found out that it’s not helpful for your travel routine in the long run, then take it as a sign and lesson that the gadget isn't for you.

We hope you find today’s article interesting! Feel free to leave a comment below if you’ve used any of these gadgets or are planning to, and if you have any other suggestions that we haven’t included in our list. 


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